Climb for Fun, Inc. is fully insured and we will be happy to present a general liability insurance certificate upon request.  

With several days advance notice we can write you in on our policy as an additional insured during your event. To be written into our policy as an additional insured, send an email
or send a fax to (509) 267-0455 and include the following: Additional insured request form

Funding Suggestions
Birthday Parties - Parents of the children attending the party can all chip in to help.  Ttell them up front about the portable climbing wall and other equipment, what the cost is, and that you would appreciate it if they could contribute fifteen or twenty dollars to help out.  They'll think you are a hero for organizing the party in the first place.

Sponsorship - Ask some local businesses to partially sponsor the climbing wall and inflatables.  If you sew one or two banners you can let them know their name and/or logo will be displayed on a banner hanging on the side of the wall.  It's inexpensive PR as far as they're concerned.  There is enough room  on a banner to display 4 to 6 company names.  Twelve $100 dollar sponsorships can go a long way. 

You can also put a sign for the sponsor in front of the other pieces of equipment.

Sell Advertising Space - You can sell space for advertising on the banners by the inch or the foot to local businesses.  You can also sell space on signs in front of each amusement device.

Charging Admission - You can charge a set fee for someone to use each piece of equipment.

Increased Attendance - Don't forget that a climbing wall, the big slide and the 56' long caterpillar, along with the other amusement devices are quite an attraction.  They will increase the attendance at your event if you advertise well in advance.